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Criminal Defense

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Formally defined, “criminal law” applies to the rules and statutes the government creates to prevent conduct that threatens and harms public safety. Crimes generally get categorized as either felonies or misdemeanors depending on their nature, and each offense has a maximum issuable punishment based on its severity. Most states, in fact, subdivide felonies and misdemeanors into different “classes” based on the nature of the offense.

Common criminal charges

As the Okaloosa County criminal defense attorneys at the Flaherty Defense Firm explain, common criminal charges include:

  • Domestic violence: oftentimes, police arrest individuals when responding to a domestic dispute regardless of whether there were signs of actual violence or injury. This arrest in and of itself can damage one’s criminal record.
  • Assault and battery: assault is a threat to do harm, while battery actually causes physical harm.
  • DUI: an experienced lawyer can help someone convicted of a DUI minimize the extent of their punishment and work to preserve their ability to drive
  • Sex crimes: penalties for this offense are generally severe—offenders often receive a lengthy mandatory prison sentence and are forced to register as a sex offender after being released.
  • Drug offenses: includes possession (or trafficking) of marijuana, heroin, and any other illegal substance.
  • Juvenile charges: applies to cases in which the offender is too young to be charged in an adult court
  • Theft: includes charges of shoplifting, burglary, dealing in stolen property, and grand theft

In addition to helping clients in court, many criminal lawyers support their clients immediately following the incident. For example, some lawyers help their clients determine whether there’s an arrest warrant against them and whether there’s a bond on the arrest warrant.

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