Defective Pharmaceuticals

Can Pharmaceuticals Still Be Defective?

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This is a day and age that prides itself on technological advancements. After all, there are many illnesses that used to cause havoc throughout millions all over the world and these diseases are now extinct, thanks to modern pharmaceuticals and vaccinations and other preventative measures. However, there are some medications that are new and made available to this day that may not always work as well as they should and may, as a matter of fact, cause more harm than their promised good.

There are many such cases for defective pharmaceuticals that have caused significant amounts of grief towards the patients they were made to heal and protect. This goes for any kind of disease as well, as can be demonstrated by two cases that are still prominently known in current society.

Risperdal, according to this website (, is a drug that is meant to treat patients with the mental illness called “Schizophrenia”. It is already difficult to deal with mental illnesses as there is still a stigma that is present against people who suffer from conditions like this. But where Risperdal was meant to treat the symptoms of the hallucinations that come with schizophrenia, there have been claims that the drug has caused negative and detrimental side effects like pituitary tumors, suicidal thoughts, or even heart attacks.

Another example, from this link (, is that of Actos. This is a drug that is meant to help patients who have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and yet there are many worrying claims that this drug has caused bladder cancer upon taking it.

While modern medicine has succeeded in taking out a lot of then-widespread diseases, it is anything but perfect and quite a lot of them can still cause negative side effects that could worsen a patient’s condition.

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